Owen Peters

Sound Editor | Sound Designer

Dialogue Editing

Sync, Atmos and SFX Tracklay

Sound Design and Mixing

Podcast Production

Foley Recording

Voiceover / ADR Editing

Bespoke Field Recording

Audio Analysis, Restoration and Repair

About Me

I am passionate about storytelling through sound and, with over a decade of professional experience, I have worked across all forms of media - Film, Television, Radio and Branded Content.

Collaboration is my favourite part of working with audio, and making contributions that enhance the power of a story.

My Set-Up

A Private, Home Studio

Calibrated and acoustically-treated to Tracklay in stereo or surround, and also produce broadcast-compliant stereo mixes

Industry-Standard Software

Including the latest version of ProTools Ultimate and various apps for Sound Design, restoration and review

A large Sound FX Library

With an ever-growing number of sounds from popular and independent sources, as well as many private recordings

Professional Sound Recording Kit

Suitable for bespoke, high-quality field recordings and capturing production sound for short-form productions

Latest Work

A dynamic Factual programme, requiring an equally exciting soundtrack, that tells the incredible true story of the Mt St Helens Eruption in 1980

My Role: Sound Editor

A dark, psychological thriller that explores themes of lust, infidelity and voyeurism.

My Role: Sound Effects Editor

The latest in a series of feature-length wildlife features from Disney. The story follows a herd of Elephants as they make a perilous journey of survival.

My Role: Foley Mixer

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